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We received our new hot tub cover early! We were very pleased with the whole process of ordering and delivery – very efficient! We are also thrilled with the quality of the cover and fit.
Cheryl - Massachusetts

I received the replacement cover last week and it fits perfectly. Very happy with the production turn around.
Kenneth - Arkansas

Best Spa cover we have ever had! So happy I found you guys on the web!
Debbie - Wisconsin

We just received our hot-tub cover! It is wonderful! Thanks for the great product!
Lori - Minnesota

I received my spa replacement cover. Everything is perfect. Thank you for your great service, and a perfect job!
Ted - California

Our cover is here and we love it. Thanks
Sam - Georgia

We love our replacement cover! It fits better then the original. Well made and beautiful! Thanks for offering true on line value!
Graham - Texas


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Enhance the Therapeutic Effect of Hot Tubs Using the Best Hot Tub Covers…

Do you know that hot tub covers enhance the therapeutic effect of hot tubs? With the right amount of heat (recommended hot tub temperature is 104 degrees F), hot tubs produce a relaxing effect on the body. Most hot tub manufacturers put controls on their hot tubs. However, to maximize their therapeutic benefits, it is advisable to contain the heat in with specially made-to-perfection hot tub covers.

Hot tub covers are considered one of the best hot tub accessories. They protect not only the water from outside elements but also prevent children from falling into them. They vary by material, and are available in different shapes like round, rectangular, square, cut corners square or rectangle, octagon and hexagonal. Usually, the covers are made waterproof so they do not spoil and can be washed easily when dirty.

Complete Line of Hot Tub Supplies

You can build your own light and easy to fit and removed from the tub mouth hot tub covers using the easy cover builder process by Spa Supplies Online. You will find that our hot tub covers keep the heat in at just the right temperature.

Spa Supplies Online delivers the best products at the best prices for all your Spa and Hot Tub needs. We have the complete line of hot tub supplies. Our hot tub covers, spa covers, spa supplies, hot tub supplies, cover lifters, and replacement filters are made using the best materials: specialty vinyl for spa covers and CFC free, energy efficient polystyrene inserts.

The polystyrene inserts are heat-sealed. The poly vapor moisture barrier in them protects the spa cover against water absorption. The inhibitors in the vinyl and thread help prevent premature aging of your spa cover.

Quality Hot Tub Cover Supplies Meet Savings

We offer a good deal in hot tub cover supplies where quality meets savings. Other hot tub cover models are Hot Spring, Marquis, Cal, Dimension One, Beachcomber, Artic Spas and many more.

Start building your hot tub cover today with Spa Supplies Online easy cover builder process. If you have other questions call or send us an email and we will get right back to you!