What to look for when buying a Hot Tub or Spa Cover.

What to look for when buying a Hot Tub or Spa Cover.

Feb 26
What to look for when buying a Hot Tub or Spa Cover.

When it is time to replace your hot tub covers you can ensure it’s the right one for you by making sure your cover has these three basic components.

The first thing you want to make sure the spa cover has is at least a 1.5lb foam core. The foam is what provides the insulation as well as the strength on the cover. Most manufacturers use a 1lb inferior foam that doesn’t insulate well or provide structural strength to the cover. You also want to make sure the foam is tapered (ex: 5″ down to 3″) so that water can easily run of the spa cover. Flat foam will just allow the water to stay on the cover, making it heavy and if left it can eventually break the cover.

A 4-2″ standard cover is great for moderate climates where there isn’t a lot of heavy snow on the cover, the 5-3″ premium cover is a great cover to handle snow and allow water to run off. That is one of the most popular covers on the market. The 6-4″ premium plus cover would handle high snow fall areas as well as insulate the spa more efficiently.

The second thing is the vinyl covering, a good vinyl should be at least 25oz. The vinyl should be treated with UV protectors and mildew inhibitors. Even the threading should be UV protected. This helps prolong the life of the vinyl against the elements such as snow, sun, rain and ice.  The underside of the vinyl should have either a drain hole or mesh so that the cover can breathe and allow any built up moisture to escape.

The third thing you want to watch for this the vapor barrier. That is the plastic protecting your inserts. You want to make sure this is heat sealed. This will keep the water from getting into your cover and making it heavy. A lot of manufactures just tape the inserts into the plastic so water can get into them. This is because the chemicals can break the tape down and allow the water into the foam so making sure they are heat sealed is recommended to prolong the life of the cover.

Some other things you may want to keep in mind are the warranty and safety of the spa cover. Most companies offer a 1-3 year warranty.
Make sure your cover meets industry standards. This means your cover is labeled as a safety cover and will have reinforced straps and locking hardware keys.

Purchasing a spa cover shouldn’t be complicated, remember if you have any questions just ask the company. The response from them will not only provide you with your answer to your question, but it will show you their customer service.