All about high-end Artesian hot tubs

All about high-end Artesian hot tubs

Oct 25

Hot tubs have long been a popular choice for home owners. They are often considered the ultimate relaxation experience. Given the multiple styles and options available, there really is one for every family. While most hot tubs have jets that can be used to soothe aching muscles, there are some models that take this feature a step further. Think of a fully loaded vehicle and this is what you get with an Artesian hot tub. The price tag can be hefty for some, but is definitely worth the investment if you are looking to create an outdoor paradise. If you are considering buying one of these models, here is what you can expect to receive. It should be emphasized that not all hot tubs are the same, so choosing the one that is right for you can be difficult. Artesian hot tubs offer top of the line quality that cannot be surpassed, so if this fits your style, then here is some helpful knowledge.

What is the difference between a regular and Artesian hot tub

Many buyers are unaware of the differences between hot tubs. Prices vary, which is often due to brand name and the features that come equipped, but there are some key differences between low-end and high-end models.

  • High performance jets
  • Individual controlled seating
  • State of the art technology
  • Constructed with quality materials

What separates a hot tub from being an oversized bath tub is the presence of jets. This is what sells most people, and for good reason. There is nothing better than having a hot water massage, and most models offer the whole body experience. High-end Artesian tubs offer high performance jets that propel the water at a greater force. In addition to the power of the stream, many of the tubs offer adjustable jets, which can be used to target specific areas on the body.

Basic hot tubs typically have a control panel at the front that controls the entire jet system. There may be a low and high setting, which is a great feature, but this is the extent to which users can experience their new purchase. Artesian tubs offer individual zoning technology, which means each seat can be controlled separately. If one person wants to have no jets and their partner wants the full blast, this can easily be satisfied by the technology that is offered with these models. Other technology includes advanced lighting controls (LED lighting, different colors, etc).

Apart from all of the features that are available on Artesian tubs, the most important is the material that they are constructed out of. Often manufactured with substances that can greater resist mold and bacterial growth, this is what separates low-end from high-end hot tubs. The price may be higher, but the investment will last much longer than their counterparts. If you have the money to spend, an Artesian tub may just be what you need to fulfill your dreams of owning one. Spa Supplies Online offers a host of products that will make your hot tub experience worthy; we have many options and accessories available for our customers.